Our story

Rooted in strong fundamentals.

Our story

Rooted in strong fundamentals.

we’re no stranger to the game.

For decades, we at Iron-Tek have been making natural fitness nutrition products as the brand many professional athletes and competitive bodybuilders depended on – for products that deliver clean performance and push them to take their games to the next level. Times have changed, and fitness nutrition is no longer just for bodybuilders. With an overwhelming number of options and a complicated list of products, we decided it was time to go back to basics.

We’ve simplified our line, identified what’s core, and got rid of the rest. No nonsense, just the essentials. A 3-part fitness regimen consisting of Everyday, Pre-workout, and Post-workout, for those who never underestimate the power of hard work and make things happen.


Searching through historical archives for inspiration, we came across a classic, American poster by Harold Von Schmidt that captured the essence of Iron-Tek perfectly. The lumberjack working hard toward a greater cause captured the strength, hard work and determination we’re all about. This inspired the entire look and feel for Iron-Tek.

Since when did fitness and nutrition become so difficult? Whether you’re getting fit to look good, or getting fit to get fit, you’re looking for a system of workout supplements to help. So that's what we at IRON-TEK created.

It's that simple.

We’re not like the rest. And we’re cool with that.

We take pride in our shared values:

Hard Work: We believe in earning things. It makes us appreciate them more. TeamWork: It’s much less difficult and more fun to make things happen with others. Integrity: We do things the right way. It’s the only way we know how. Simplicity: Things don’t have to be complicated. We provide you with what you need.

Our product starts with an unwavering commitment to quality.

We provide you with only the essentials and spare you the nonsense ingredients. Artificial flavors and sweeteners? Nah. We don’t see the point.


Our products contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

We use only non-GMO ingredients in our products.

All our products are gluten-free.

All our non-dairy products are allergen- free.

All our products are purity tested.

Our protein is made with milk from rBGH & rBST-free cows.

All our packaging is recyclable.

Our manufacturing supports wind power.